Holy Week – Palm Sunday, the Three Days (Triduum) and the Festival of Easter

You are invited to walk this Holy Week journey with Jesus, as he enters Jerusalem to shouts of hossana on Palm Sunday, through his torture and passage to death, and final emergence into new, resurrected life.

While it seems we may be near to being able to meet again safely in person, we are following the protocal encouraged by our synod and offer these online, virtual experiences. Over the next week, each worship video will be added below:

  • Palm Sunday – March 28, 7:00 am
  • Maundy Thursday – April 1, Midnight
  • Good Friday, April 2, Midnight
  • Easter Vigil, April 3, Midnight
  • Festival of Easter, April 4, 7:00 am

Palm Sunday

We join with Christians throughout the world observing Palm Sunday. This day inaugurates the most important week of the Christian year, beginning with Jesus’ glorious entry into Jerusalem. Palm Sunday, also known as Passion Sunday, remembers Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, as crowds gathered around him, waving palms and shouting “Hosanna!” Process and wave the palm branches!

Maundy Thursday

This begins a three-day worship experience.  Maundy comes from the same root word as ‘commandment.’  This is the commandment Jesus gave to his disciples, that “you love one another as I have loved you.”  Along with the commandment comes examples of what that love looks like – service and sacrificial love.  As an example, we wash each other’s feet, before celebrating the Eucharist.  In preparation for the continuation of the service on Good Friday, we strip the altar.

Good Friday

The focus of this part of the three-days is the bidding prayer.  Each of these prayers, or bids, draw us out of ourselves and focus us on how we have been complicit in failing to live as resurrection people.  We then proceed to bring in the cross symbolizing that all of our failings have been born by Christ crucified.

The Easter Vigil

The holiest worship event in the ancient church was the Great Vigil of Easter. It began on Holy Saturday, late at night, in darkness and concluded with the light of Easter dawn. The paschal candle (symbol of the Risen Jesus) is lit. The Exultet, an ancient chant, is sung, recalling God’s rescue of Israel from slavery, as we are rescued from sin. Readings from the Old Testament tell the story of salvation from creation to redemption. Babies and converts are baptised, and we renew our baptismal vows, reminding us that we have been buried and raised with Christ, and we enter into the Eucharist.

The Festival of Easter

Christ is risen, risen indeed, Alleluia! Our holy week journey concludes with the joyful Good News that new life is available to all, through the Risen Christ.