Visiting with a pastor is usually a different kind of experience than visiting with a therapist.  Pastoral counseling is about you and your relationship with God, not just about you.

You can talk to a pastor about a lot of different things, like

  • your relationship, or the end of one, with a boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse or child
  • your relationship with someone with different religious beliefs
  • a spiritual question or belief that you can’t understand or that’s bothering you
  • too much alcohol or too many drugs, in your life or someone else’s
  • help in finding a religious community that’s right for you
  • the pressures you face at work, or the pressures you face not having work
  • a big decision you need to make about your own life, or one you’ll make for someone else, like an elderly parent

There’s a reason that Jesus is known even to the earliest Christians as “The Great Physician.”  God meets us where we are, and leads us to health and healing.  No matter what you are going through, I think that the God we know as revealed in Jesus Christ is like a good therapist, always your advocate and always on your side.  Sometimes there are not clear answers.  But there is always acceptance, genuine acceptance by God, even as the Spirit works in us to bring us back to wholeness.

Please contact Pastor Nancy Goede for counseling needs.