Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park

A place to learn, work, share, find fellowship, and build peace.

Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park

A place to learn, work, share, find fellowship, and build peace.

Get informed. Get involved.

Welcome to Augustana!

On Sunday June 12th, Augustana moves to summer schedule, with one service at 9:30 am

Worship on Sundays:
8:30 am – Worship, Eucharistic Liturgy
9:30 am – Education Hour
10:45 am – Worship, Eucharistic Liturgy

The 10:45 am Eucharistic Liturgy is livestreamed. You may view it live or later on Augustana’s Facebook page at

We are a congregation that is deep and wide, and we have space enough for you to live, question, and explore your faith. Like our community, our congregation is diverse in race and ethnicity, sexual orientation and gender identity, age and economic status. Jesus called people into a circle of fellowship — not a hierarchy in which some are valued above others. We strive to find ways to welcome everyone into Christ’s circle and to ensure that all can find a place within it. Choose a section to learn more, or come visit us or get in touch. We hope what you find provokes you to thought and to action, and that you’ll consider nurturing your relationship with God in our worshiping community.

Reformation Sunday 2021 Baptism!

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