Night Ministry Chili Dinner

Who knew it would take so long to make 150 peanut butter sandwiches? (a half dozen people working for three hours, going through six giant jars). Many hands pitched in to make 150 hot evening meals for guests of The Night Ministry at their Back of the Yards stop. 

Thanks to Jackie Bishop, Judy Merritt-Morgan, Jean Nye, Lise Sveen and Chris Tompsett for contributing bottled water and fresh and canned ingredients for chili.  

Special thanks to Anika Matthews-Feldman for providing 40 pounds of ground beef (!!) so that hungry guests got plenty of protein.

As usual, Robin Mitchell put her Costco card to good use and shopped for everything else we needed.

Adam DeLong, Marc and Scott Dukes, Abdi Guthoti, Sheryl Immanuel, Peter, Frederick and Maya Pytel and Elizabeth, Rob, Sam and Kevin Roma all worked to make 14 gallons of chili, assemble sandwiches and bag the snickerdoodles which Christopher Barnard made for every guest.

It would have been, ahem, very different chili without the expert guidance of Kathy Anderson and Dorothy Pytel.

The next evening, Matt Stuhlmuller, Ben Albright, Jacob Barnard and Maud Jansen hauled everything to the site and served dinner. 

Thank you to everyone who contributed so much time, talent and money to feed our hungry neighbors! You can see more pictures on Augustana’s Facebook page.