Esther – Reader’s Theater Sunday March 1st

The Story of Esther 
March 1

The Bible’s book of Esther is the story of the Jews in exile saved by an ordinary young woman. We do not hear it in our three-year lectionary, the cycle of readings we share with many other Christians. But this year, we will experience it on the first Sunday of Lent, which falls just before the Jewish festival of Purim celebrating the hero Esther.

We will experience the story through a Readers Theater and with large, cardboard puppets. Traditionally, when the story is read in the synagogue, people use noisemakers and boo every time the villain;’s name, Haman, is mentioned. And who doesn’t want to boo Dan Friedrich? (now typecast after his role as the Totally Exonerated Donald Trump with the Hyde Park Players). Come and cheer for this classic good-over-evil story!