Photos from the Dramatic Telling of The Story of Moses and the Exodus

Last Sunday, March 12, 2023, our Service of the Word, usually readings and a sermon, was replaced by a dramatic telling of the story of Moses and the Exodus. Below are photos from both services.

A big thank you everyone who had a role in the story: David Glover, Anika Matthews-Feldman, Peninah Feldman, Jeanette Bordelon, JB Bordelon, Syvie Bordelon, Robin Mitchell, Ronald Rahaman, Carolyn Rahaman, Chris Weber, Simon Weber, Bruce Tammen, Danny Tammen, Timmy and Benji Stuhlmuller, Dan Friedrich, Karin Moreno, Jim Schwab, Deb Burnet, Lise Sveen, Angel Schwab, Alex Moreno, Sam Roma, Kevin Roma, Elijah Tammen, Andry Gunthoti, Abdi Gunthoti, Carter Jacobs, Sam Gee, Elaine Worcester, Zoe DeLong, Ethan DeLong, Harry Rahaman, Pastoral Intern Kyle Duff and Pastors Stuhlmuller and Goede.

Jewish slaves moving the giant blocks of stones for Pharoah
The Burning Bush
Anika and Robin
Peninah and the bloody water
Pastors Goede and Stuhlmuller throwing hail, rocks, locusts and various plagues
Linda, David and Anika
Peninah as the voice of Pharoah
Laura Williams holding a blood-stained door lintel
Crossing the Red Sea
One of the plagues was frogs
The infant Moses being carried to safety in a basket boat on the Nile
Papyrus waving on the Nile as the infant Moses is ferried to safety
Simon, Bruce and Chris
Bruce and Danny Tammen with the Burning Bush
Pharoah (Kyle) and Moses (Chris)
Andry spraying a plague upon the Egyptians
Hail, rocks, locusts, frogs rain down upon the Egyptians
Moses’ less-well-known brother, Supposes
Nancy, Karin, Lise
Jim as the Punny Comedian
Deb stretching in her role as Doctor at the University of Chicago
Karin stretching in her role as a member of a Teachers Union
Bruce, stretching in his role as a leader of singers
Carter as newscaster
Carolyn, Harry, Zoe and Elaine with the Red Sea
The Red Sea
Shadow Puppet Depiction of Pharoah’s Army Chasing the Fleeing Israelites