Pastoral Internship Ministry Project: “Entertaining Angels”

While on an ELCA Pastoral Internship year, an Intern is to develop a Ministry Project to add to the life and ministry of the Congregation. My Ministry Project with Augustana is entitled “Entertaining Angels: A Hosting Church,” inspired from the text of Hebrews 13:1-2.

The project will center around the theme of Hospitality, both “externally” and “internally,” touching on keys areas of ministry such as our Stewardship and Evangelism. Its purpose is to celebrate and further embed and extend God’s radical, loving welcome in the hearts and witness of the Augustana Lutheran Church of Hyde Park community.

It will primarily include 3 initiatives from February-July of 2023:

· Establishment of a “Hospitality & Evangelism Committee,” initially focused on the Sunday Morning experience

· Re-Invigorating a “Bread Breakers” Small Group gathering program

· Conducting a Hospitality Audit

I also hope to provide some conversation and shared learning around the theme of hospitality as a Christian spiritual discipline in this newsletter and in adult forum on several occasions throughout this Spring.

To hear more, please come to the Annual Meeting on January 29th where I will provide a presentation on this idea. If this sparks anything for you and you are already excited to get involved, or just want more information, I am, as always, excited to speak with you. Please reach out to my email at or catch me around the church.

I am looking forward to engaging the community more in these initiatives soon!

In peace & thanks,

Kyle Duff