The Meaning Behind a Season of Baptism

In most years, we would still be in the liturgical period that we call the ‘time after Pentecost’, and the standard liturgical color for this time is green. You may have noted, though, that our Nave is festooned in white – this is because white is the color associated with the sacrament of baptism. Because we have been blessed with multiple baptisms over a few weeks, Augustana’s pastors have declared this a special Season of Baptism, as we celebrate the gift of new life through baptism.

In recent weeks, we have celebrated the baptism of infants Camden Duff and Huck Clapp. Last Sunday, teenager Alex Marin was baptized. This Sunday, baby Robbie Klonowski and his mother, Emily Kleeman, will be baptized.

On the final Sunday in October, we will mark Reformation Sunday and all of us will communally affirm our baptism in the liturgy, together saying “yes” to God’s unconditional love and bringing this special Season of Baptism to a close.

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