Book of Life, Deaths of Ruth Patterson and S. Varghese Gnanasignamani

On Sunday November 6th, we celebrate the Feast of All Saints at Augustana. Before then, everyone is invited to write the names of those they would like remembered in the Book of Life, which will be on a lectern in the Nave.

We mark two recent deaths in our the Augustana community:

Ruth Patterson died on September 30th in hospice at Vitas/Insight. She was 96, and a longtime member of Augustana. Before she became homebound, she was a regular worshiper. She was an avid reader, loved music, and some older members remember her as a fellow worker on the monthly newsletter. Some remember very recently visiting her at home to carol to her during Advent. We’ll let everyone know when a funeral date and time has been set.

Cynthiya Immanuel‘s father, S. Varghese Gnanasigamani, died on October 8th in India. We hold Cynthiya and her family in our prayers.