Reading the Book of Ruth

Ruth is one of two books in the Bible named after a woman (extra points if you know the other one!), and the only book of the Old Testament named after a foreigner. That should tell you that it addresses themes of nationality and diversity, of gender, and of justice.

For four Sundays beginning October 9, join us in the Gustavus Adolphus Room 9:30-10:30am to read this book together. No prior Bible knowledge necessary! This study will be based on two texts: the Biblical book of Ruth (4 chapters long), and Reading Ruth, by Leon Kass and Hannah Mandelbaum (110 pages). It’s not necessary to read the books to sit in on the study, but feel free to get the books and read along if you like. The study will be led by Deb Burnet. For more info, contact Deb at

Reading Ruth is a collection of lively essays, poetry, fiction, and personal narrative, addressing the gamut of women’s experience in the modern world as illuminated by the ancient, Biblical story of Ruth. According to Susannah Heschel, editor of On Being a Jewish Feminist, “The Book of Ruth is one of Western civilization’s great narratives of women’s relationships. This collection of modern-day interpretations brings together the wisdom, sensitivity, and spirituality of the biblical story with the struggles and insights of contemporary women. Readers will be moved and inspired by these essays.”