Adult Forum Topics Survey

by Jim Schwab

Please follow this link to take an online survey of potential adult forum topics for 2022/23.

We will aim to launch our new Adult Forum season starting Sunday, September 18, two weeks after Labor Day. Notices will appear in the weekly newsletter, via the Adult Forum e-mail list, and possibly in the Sunday bulletin. The point of this survey is to determine members’ preferences for subject matter focus, given that we do not have any standard format or curriculum. This gives us great freedom to choose topics, but it is important to respond to people’s stated needs and desires. Please share your own thoughts with us.

I have heard some suggestions from Pastor Goede and met with Kyle Duff, our parish intern, to develop the topic list below, but we also want to hear any additional ideas you may have. Ideas below are not listed in any particular order, so please respond as thoroughly as you can. Feel free to add comments, including suggestions for presenters.

Survey closes on Sunday September 4th.