New Donations Page

Today, taking care of finances online – banking, bill paying, investments, lending, and charitable giving – is ubiquitous. For two decades, Augustana members have given electronically, through Vanco, a safe, secure service that partners with the ELCA. Vanco specializes in working with faith-based communities like Augustana.

Recently, we updated our services with Vanco, and created a new safe, secure donations page. In addition to being able to give via recurring bank draft, the new page gives the Augustana community the ability to make one-time gifts via credit and debit card, something we’ve not been able to do directly before.

The interface is also updated and easier to navigate, with four purposes highlighted – Augustana’s general fund, the Keith Cooper fund, campus ministry and the organ fund. Gifts can also be made to ‘other’ with a notation to restrict them to another specific purpose.

There are two prominent links to the new donation page on Augustana’s website – in the top menu (click on “Donations”) and a big red button at the bottom of the home page. If you already have a recurring gift set up, this new page won’t impact it – you can go look at your ongoing gift and edit it via this new donations page.

In any case, go take a look at the new donations page by visiting Augustana’s website and clicking the link or go directly to the secure Vanco page here. Thanks to the group that got this new resource up and running – Marc Dukes, Carolyn Rahaman, Jim Vondracek and Pastor Goede.