When Can We Sing?

by Cantor Padraig McGuire

The question of “when can we sing” has been on the minds of many as we again gather for in-person worship. We at Augustana are taking a cautious approach and will not sing hymns as an assembly until the fall. This will provide our families with youth an opportunity to have them vaccinated.

In the interim, the assembly will be afforded the opportunity to sing short liturgical responses added bi-weekly throughout the summer. We began chanting the Psalm last week. Next week we will add a sung “Amen” at the conclusion of the service, and in August we will begin singing the Gospel Acclamation.

We will also continue to offer individuals, who wish to sing the offertory response, an opportunity to gather in the Narthex as a pick-up choir at the time of the Announcements following the Peace.