Sankta Lucia at Augustana – A Must Watch!

Augustana’s children have helped us celebrate the Sankta Lucia Festival of Light every year since the first Swedish immigrants founded the congregation. This year, unable to meet in-person, a wonderful video was put together – it is a must watch. Beautiful, heart-warming, charming, uplifting – soul warming just in time! A highlight of Advent.

Sheryl, Immanuel and Cynthiya’s daughter, this year’s ‘Sankta Lucia’, starts us off with a stunningly beautiful Tamil song, whose words encapsulate the Sankta Lucia message, “The name above all names which came in to this world as light. Jesus is the name and we praise the name always ..”

Zoey, daughter of Michael and Tramayne, tells us what we celebrate when we remember Sankta Lucia.

The three Aranson children, from Iceland, read part of the Sankta Lucia story and also sing the first verse of Sankta Lucia in Swedish. Peninah also shares some of the story with us.

Frederick reads part of the story, and Mya sings verses of Sankta Lucia.

Abdie and Andry, Smitha and Manoj’s sons, sing the final verses of Sankta Lucia, while Sheryl, her little sister Meryl, and Immanuel process, with Sparsha, Helen’s daughter

A HUGE thank you to the adults who worked on this video: Lise Sveen, Padraig McGuire, Paul Erling (who also recorded an explanation of the Sankta Lucia legend and our celebration of her Festival of Light) and Carolyn Rahaman. And thank you to the parents who helped their children participate.

This is the sort of video you may want to share with your friends and family – its heartwarming and delightful.

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