Fellowship and Formation: Nov. 17th Stewardship Sunday

Dear members and friends of Augustana,

A new church year is rapidly approaching, and with it the time to renew our congregational pledges. In our earlier letter, we introduced our theme for this year’s stewardship campaign: Fellowship and Formation. Our theme is an invitation to reflect on one reason why we support and participate in our church, when there are so many worthy causes and communities which compete for our attention.

Please consider supporting Augustana in the coming year.  Letting us know your anticipated level of support will help us  with budget planning for 2020.  You may turn in your physical pledge card on Stewardship Sunday (November 17th) or submit your pledge online at this link.  

There is more to fellowship than enjoying the company of others with whom we share a common identity. It is a defining part of the Christian tradition, going back to the earliest days of the church and present in Christ’s teachings to his followers. Fellowship is an important part of how we grow in our faith, and how we express it both as individuals and as a church community. Residing at the intersection of so many communities and with members originating all over the world, Augustana provides each of us opportunities to grow in ways that would not be available to us elsewhere.

This is the time of year when we ask the congregation to consider the material and non-material resources which we can each pledge to Augustana for the coming year. While budgetary times have been tight for the past few years, the hard work of our Finance committee and the generous giving  from our congregation is leaving us on ever stronger footing. As you consider your pledge, we ask you to also consider these questions: how do you engage in fellowship at Augustana, and how does this benefit the faith life of you and those around you? How can you (and we) make Augustana a better place to grow in faith through fellowship?

In Christ,

Your Stewardship Committee
Maxwell Kellogg (Chair), Carol Albright, Celeste Garrett, Manoj Gunthoti, Jim Vondracek

P.S. We mailed a letter version of this email earlier this week, including a paper pledge card.  You may turn in this pledge card at worship on Sunday Novermber 17th or submit your pledge online here