Blood Lines Live Performance, Thursday October 3rd, 7 pm

On October 3 of 1919, the United States’ Red Summer finally came to its bloody conclusion with the massacre of African Americans at Elaine, Arkansas.

Come and commemorate all those who died that summer here in Chicago and throughout the United States, and all that has happened since. NON:op Open Opera Works’ sound art installation tells the story of Chicago’s experience during the Red Summer in tone and spoken word.

“Blood Lines” Calendar

September-October, Blood Lines installation viewing
11am to 2pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays;
1:30-4pm on Saturdays

October 17, Art in Response to Violence Conference
Northeastern University
Lead artist Christophe Preissing will give a presentation on Blood Lines and the 1919 Chicago Race Riot. For more information visit or the ARV conference website
1pm, NEIU Golden Eagles Room, 5500 North St. Louis Ave, Chicago IL 60625

October 19 & 20, Open House Chicago
Saturday 10am-1pm, Live Performance on Saturday 1 – 2 pm, Sunday 12-5pm

October 27, High Concept Labs at Mana Contemporary
Panel Discussion moderated by Yolanda Cursach
Mana Contemporary, 4th Floor, 2233 S. Throop Street, Chicago IL