Celebrating a Baptismal Season at Augustana


On Pentecost, May 20, five Augustana teenagers will affirm their baptismal vows for themselves and become confirmed members of the church. In these weeks leading to Pentecost, we’ve been celebrating a small season of baptism, to get people reflecting on their own experience with the sacrament. This reflection is from David Glover.

In baptism we live through Christ forever. My “recollections” of my own baptism are through the stories told of the time when the family gathered at my parent’s home at the end of October five weeks after the birth of me and my twin brother, Daniel. This was on the occasion of our gaining physical strength and leaving the hospital the previous week. Our pastor gathered with the family and baptized Daniel and I on All Saints Day at home before we were regularly going “out”, physical living having exceeded the prospect of an early death.

Fifteen years later I recall the family gathering at the home of my cousin on the occasion of the birth of first son. His two older sisters were thrilled to have a brother and had fun with their aunts, uncle, and the rest of the extended family on the day of his baptism. – A few months later we were gathered at a sadder time for his funeral after he died in his sleep. The family has continued to tell the stories of his life and death in Christ—it is how his younger brother knows him, and how he was present (along with a photo or two) at his sisters’ weddings some twenty years later. They each rejoiced at his presence in absence. … And now we continue to tell his stories to his nieces and nephews (each of those “girls” now has a set of twins of her own) so that the next generation knows their uncle who lives through Christ.