Celebrating a Baptismal Season at Augustana

Celebrating a Baptismal Season at Augustana

On Pentecost, May 20, five Augustana teenagers will affirm their baptismal vows for themselves and become confirmed members of the church. In these weeks leading to Pentecost, we’ve been celebrating a small season of baptism, to get people reflecting on their own experience with the sacrament. This reflection is from Pastor Goede.

Nancy messiah

This is a picture of me with the pastor who baptized me, Rev. John Kindschuh. This was taken when we served together at a celebration of Messiah Lutheran Church’s 150th anniversary in 2009. Messiah is in my hometown, Burlington, Iowa. When I was confirmed in ninth grade, I couldn’t have imagined being excited about such an event. I thought confirmation, church, all of it was very boring. I got involved with Lutheran Campus Ministry my second year of college, and that was when I really claimed my baptism for myself. My roots at Messiah are very deep – my dad’s family first joined there in 1868. For me, moving away from a place where I had so many ties was the key to spiritual growth. But many people with whom I grew up cannot imagine ever leaving, and they are thriving at Messiah. What have been the key turning points for you in your spiritual growth?