Ash Wednesday Reflection

Ash Wednesday Worship
Wednesday, February 14, at 7:30pm

The sanctuary will be open for prayer and meditation from 11am to 2pm; during that time, ashes will be available from one of the pastors.

It may seem like a strange thing to be proud of, but Lutherans are all over it when it comes to sin. We think about sin in ever changing and expanding terms, even while most of the world says there is no such thing as sin. We continue to confess and repent and reconcile and maintain our disciplined observations of Lent, even while most of the world ignores the need to deal with sin and denies death exists. 

We’re rascals, we Lutherans. We’re perversely proud (but not too proud) that we continue to confront sin straight on. It’s just practical, really. Lent is all about self-examination, looking at sin without looking away, then doing things to overcome it, and that’s just practical. You can’t make changes in your life without first acknowledging your problems, and being honest about how big they are. You can’t overcome injustice around you without committing to action, sometimes action that will cost you, in order to right a wrong against your friends and neighbors.

Ash Wednesday begins this very practical season. There’s lots of opportunity this year to observe the day at Augustana. The church will be open from 11am to 2pm for prayer and meditation, and you can receive ashes from one of the pastors during this time if you would like. There will be worship with imposition of ashes at 7:30pm.

Did you do anything to celebrate Christmas this year? Did you get together with anyone? Decorate or bake or buy presents? It’s good to celebrate at Christmas time; it’s also good to prepare and observe at Lenten time. It’s good to balance these seasons of your life, to both celebrate and reflect. This balanced and mature approach is very helpful in building a strong spiritual life, one that can help you get through hard times, as well as celebrate the happy times in life.

So come on Wednesday and be marked with ashes, that very ancient sign of repentance. Come and spend some time in prayer and meditation with others who realize the great value of acknowledging sin and doing something about it.

See you Wednesday,
Pastor Goede