A statement from Augustana in Response to Donald Trump’s Words this Week

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We at Augustana are privileged to worship every Sunday with scholars from Africa and many other countries. They connect us in an especially close way with our brothers and sisters all over that continent and throughout the world.

This week, Donald Trump’s crude words about all the countries and peoples of Africa clearly show his racist disregard for the lives of so many who are part of this body of Christ that we share. His words reveal once again his violent intentions for our country and our world. To advocate for massive deportations and to withhold help to people in crisis in other countries is violence. The foreign policy of our country impacts the lives of millions around the globe; to throw out millions and then shut the doors to all people of color leads to death.

We follow a man who embodies life, grace and truth. We are part of a tradition that offers hospitality and welcome in the name of Christ. We call on people of good will in the United States to speak out against Donald Trump’s words and all they represent, and to actively defend our neighbors who are endangered by the policies to which they lead.